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small groups

Small Groups – Sunday Mornings at 9:30AM All Christians need a group of fellow believers who can come alongside them to strengthen and encourage. Here at Manley, we believe you can find that fellowship in our Small Groups. By making the connection in a small group, you are forming friendships and bonds with people who will share in your life struggles and victories. Our Sunday small groups are where true intimate ministry happens. This is where long-term relationships are built and care for each member is encouraged and experienced. We offer a wide variety of groups full of people who find themselves in different situations of life. Whether you are single, married, parenting, single again, or retired, there’s a place for you to make a connection and to be a part of the body of Christ.  Our Mission as a church is for each person to be a fully developing follower of Jesus Christ. Being connected in a small group is a critical first step in achieving this Mission.

You may contact Dwayne Moore or  send an e-mail via our Contact Us form to submit any questions.

discipleship classes

Discipleship Classes – Wednesday Evenings at 6:00PM

Wednesday night classes are short-term, topic driven classes/groups directed toward discipleship.  Areas of interest include parenting, finance, spiritual growth, relationship building, marriage strengthening, divorce recovery, grief recovery and specific Bible book studies are some of topics used in the classes. We offer classes with topics related to women only, classes for men only and classes appealing to both men and women. Our Wednesday Life classes differ from our Sunday small groups in that the class leader, topic and group members may vary from quarter to quarter depending upon their interest and the topic discussed.

Classes begin  at 6pm, January 6 unless otherwise noted. Material cost (based on book price) to be announced.
Manley Kids & Manley Students  Discipleship Programs 6:00
Manley Worship Choir Practice 7:00

The Family Project   Pastor Tony Buchanan   Rm 214/216

tfp_topbanner_1398350114_1421269461Why do families work? Because God Himself designed them! Thriving families will lead to thriving communities, and thriving communities will transform the world. People will find purpose, joy and redemption; and generation after generation will create a positive legacy. The Family Project is a 12-session DVD experience that explores the theological, philosophical, and cultural underpinnings of the traditional family, and combines that information with inspiring stories and practical tools to help 21st-century families thrive. The Family Project also offers a hope-filled, optimistic antidote to the current landscape of familial breakdown, sending a clear message that a return to the time-tested, historical model of the family is where so many of our culture’s wounds begin to heal. It’s designed to develop a new appreciation for why family matters…based on a bigger understanding of who God is in His character and why He created humanity the way He did. Equipped with this information, viewers will also be exposed to a wealth of hands-on tools and resources to help them embrace those values within their own families and pass them along to future generations.

Beyond Suffering   Larry & Darlene LaPlue    Rm 210

This course will give an overview of Disability Ministry, discuss the theology of suffering and disability, explore the Church and Disability Ministry and even touch on issues of medical Bioethics/life and death issues.

Missions 101   Rodney Wisecarver, Richard Hewitt    Rm 209

As you prepare for missions here, there or anywhere, there are two questions that must be answered. What does it mean to be a disciple of Jesus? How do we make disciples of Jesus?
Come and join us during this study as together we further learn how to impact our world. Also discover some practical advice for those desiring to go on a mission trip.

RESTLESS: Because You Were Made for More   Pam Graham    Rm 227

Dare to believe that God has a vision for how you are to spend your life.
Finding and accomplishing this vision is quite possibly the greatest
responsibility we have as a generation, second only to knowing and loving God.
Restless explores the fact that God has called each of us to do great things in his name, and then helps us discover what that might mean for each of us individually. Jennie says, “We are called to dream but we’re afraid to. But because we are called, when we don’t act on it we become restless—restless to find purpose, to make a difference in the world, to matter.”
Jennie doesn’t suggest women add one more thing to their to-do list, but instead invites them to stop and listen where they are.

Small Group Leadership   Dwayne Moore    Rm 215 (Will begin mid-February)

“When groups worship God together, they create a community that pleases God”, Rick Howerton. Join us as we study over a six week period how to effectively begin and lead a small group of any age. This class is for those who are currently serving or may be feeling led to serve in our small group ministries birth-senior adult.

Hope and Help: 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom   Leslie Grigsby and Brenda Tenpenny    Rm 207

The 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom is a practical tool for single mothers to apply Biblical workable successful guidelines to her life and her home. If you’re a single mom looking for encouragement and a support network, please join us!

Follow Me   Dwayne Moore    Rm 215 (6 week class)

What did Jesus really mean when he said, “Follow me.” David Platt answers this question by taking you on a journey to see that the invitation to follow Him is an invitation to a relationship. It’s a relationship marked by self-denial, personal intimacy, single-minded ambition, and ultimate joy. In following Him, you will find the purpose you were created for which is to bring glory to God by sharing the gospel and to make disciples who make disciples.

ESL for Internationals   Danny & Jan Hinson   TBA 

This is an informal class where internationals can learn conversational English.

Grief Share   Tim & Lisa Balough   Rm 229

grief-share-picIt may be hard for you to feel optimistic about the future right now.   If you’ve lost a spouse, child, family member or friend, you’ve probably found that there are not many people who understand the deep hurt you feel.  Grief Share is sponsored by people who understand what you are experiencing and want to offer you comfort and encouragement during this difficult time.  Each Grief Share session includes a video seminar and group discussion.  A Grief Share workbook assists you with note-taking, journaling and grief study.  The videos feature top experts on grief recovery, dramatic reenactments about living with grief and real-life stories of people who have experienced a recent loss, learn about their experiences and share your own.  Grief Share is a nondenominational group and features biblical teaching on grief and recovery topics.

support groups

Support Groups

GriefShare (Manley Information) – Visit the GriefShare official site for more information about the organization.

Celebrate Recovery (Manley information) meets Thursdays from 6-9 pm
Visit the Celebrate Recovery official site for more information about the organization.

You may contact Dwayne Moore or send an e-mail via our Contact Us form to submit any questions about these groups.


Singles Ministry

shutterstock_80792494Welcome to the Adult Singles Ministry at Manley Baptist Church!  It is the goal of our ministry to help singles grow in their faith while providing a healthy social atmosphere for Christian fellowship.  We are generally 40+ and our class meets Sunday mornings at 9:45am in room 309 in the West Wing building.  We invite you to visit our class or to participate our activities.  For more information about the Singles Ministry or upcoming fellowship opportunities, please contact Jason Chadwell at: (423) 581-0737 or  send an e-mail via our Contact Us form to submit any questions.


It is our desire to equip women in developing a vibrant, consistent walk with Christ by providing opportunities to study God’s Word and build meaningful relationships. This is the core of what we do! It is our prayer that you are lavishly-loved, blessed, and encouraged as you join us in study and fellowship. To contact our Women’s Ministry Director, Brenda Tenpenny or Assistant Director, Leslie Grigsby, you may send an e-mail via our Contact Us form. You may also call the Women’s Ministry Secretary, Pamela Clayton at 423-586-8665.

Women’s Ministry

Weekly Prayer Time

Join a group of women Monday mornings at 9:30 AM in the prayer room as we join in prayer.  Enter at the covered entrance on the East side and head to the prayer room to the right of the Worship Center.

Tuesday Morning Bible Studies 9:30-11:30AM

We begin at 9:00 am for a time of fellowship, then at 9:30, begin worship and Bible study.  This is a group made up of women from Manley and many who are not, so please join us! Childcare is provided for newborns through 5th graders each week. Bible studies have included Beth Moore, Kay Arthur, Priscilla Shirer, and other nationally known teachers.

Tuesday Morning Schedule

9:00-9:30 Fellowship, Coffee & Refreshments
9:30-11:30 Bible Study, Small Group

Wednesday Evening Bible Studies – Beginning January 6, 2015

We have a women’s Bible Study group as one of our discipleship classes on Wednesday evenings at 6pm taught by Pam Graham in Rm 227!



Single Moms, we want you! We’re beginning a class just for you.  Please join us as we study Hope and Help: 21 Principles of a Healthy Single Mom.  (We’ll have books here.)

We know you might be exhausted, lonely, or just looking for some other women in your situation.  We’d be so honored if you’d join us!

Your children will be well cared for in our Manley Kids Ministry which meets from 6-7:15pm.

Mentoring Program

We’re beginning a mentoring program.  If you’re interesting in being involved – even if you don’t know how, let us know!



 The senior adult ministry at the Manley Baptist Church is a strategic ministry due to the sheer number of persons who are 55 years of age and older.  These “senior saints” hold more potential for more persons to be involved in ministry and mission than any other group in the church. We call ourselves the “Young at Hearts”. A great number of them have given untold hours and years of leadership, and certainly of their resources, in making Manley the strong church that it is today.  Only eternity will reveal the fruit of their faithful service to the kingdom of God.  We are forever indebted to our senior adults. The coming year, will give us another chapter in building an even stronger senior adult ministry.  We will be more deliberate in casting a future vision for the next five years and beyond.  There is a wave of new seniors that are moving into the 55+ senior years, and it is our desire to be fully prepared to meet their spiritual needs through a three-step process that will lead all senior adults toward a life of spiritual transformation.  These three steps are identified as loving God, reaching people, and serving the world.