Beach Camp Day 1

After a great start to our day, with leaving on time and everyone getting on the bus in an orderly fashion, we hit a few bumps on the road.  First, we had some confusion with the bus schedule, then we had a bus (luckily not our bus) break down, and on top of that when we arrived at the hotel 10 hours later some of our bags were soaked from condensation in the air conditioning unit.  However, everyone is here, and God has mighty plans for this generation and I just know it.  God has mighty plans for all of His people but as our speaker Chad stated tonight, we need to make sure we are listening to the small whispers of God to do immeasurably more.  Even after all the bumps in the road and the stresses of getting here (please pray for me as I try to stay focused on God myself instead of getting sidetracked with all the details or worrying about things out of my control) today is passed, and a new day starts in just 40 minutes.  The band did a stellar job tonight and the energy in the room with the games and speaker was awesome.  A great week lies ahead full of spiritual moments, lives changed and memories made! Please continue to pray and check back for more posts throughout the week.