Beach Camp Day 2

I have been amazed at the beauty of God’s creation on our first full day of Beach Camp.  Many of our students woke up early to see the sunrise on the ocean and you can see some of them on instagram.  I was floored by the number of kids who woke up early after a long day of traveling to see a sunrise and admire the handiwork of God.  After a hearty breakfast and a quiet time our students amassed into a huge blob of teenage energy to worship the creator of the universe.  If you have never seen a large group of students with hands lifted high, singing as loud as they can to reflect the glory of God it truly is a life-changing experience.  The speaker, Chad Eidemiller, brought the word again teaching the students how they are beautifully and wonderfully made, hand-crafted for the purpose of showing the glory of God.  We enjoyed a lunch on the lawn of Taco Bell tacos and jumped right into a Beach Camp wide volleyball tournament.  I hate to say that one of our teams made it all the way to the final round but loss by 3 points (ultimate frisbee is next which should be more suited to our strength).  Free time on the beach was well spent where students can explore the pier, find jelly fish, play putt putt, swim in the ocean or enjoy the cool water of the lazy river.  Springmaid is full of options for students to enjoy along with the activities like volleyball that are offered by the camp.  Tonight’s evening session was all about the word “of” we are “of” God and made to reflect His glory, God created mankind in Genesis 1 especially to show His glory.  I can tell God is working in the hearts and lives of your students and I look forward to seeing and hearing about how that will effect their lives in the days to come at Beach Camp and ultimately when the return home.  I hope and pray that parents will use this blog as a sneak peak into a week that cannot be described or summed up into a statement but you can still understand the highlights of the week to walk alongside your student in their spiritual journey with Christ.  Finally, we celebrated the many who served in our armed forces with a Memorial Day celebration.  The night started out with a prayer over all the students who have family or know someone in the armed forces (which was over half of the entire student body).  After the prayer the America madness began with pie eating contests (with one of our Manley students throwing up on stage representing Manley well), a sing along competition, sock wrestling and a final game that can only be described as War (the game involved four sections of students throwing pit balls all over the room at one time to fill each other’s section with as many balls as possible).  The high school girls reigned victorious in the Memorial Day competition that resulted in a ice cream dance party.   A great day in the books of Beach Camp 2014 and we are ready to see what the next 3 days have in store.