Hearts of Christ 3rd Annual Women’s Bible Conference

January 1





Debbie Cornwell and Carla Jennings were part of a team of 8 women from 5 churches that held the annual Women’s Bible Conference.  The conference “The Beautiful Exchange” was held at Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry in Roaring Creek Village, Belize.  Over 120 village women attended the conference each day; some gave their life to Christ; some exchanged their sorrows and pain for the joy of the Lord.  The team also visited many villages and distributed food and flip flops as they prayed with the people of Belize.  This conference was the third one to be hosted at Hearts of Christ and the village women told us they are already praying for the team to come again.  It was another wonderful opportunity to share Christ and proclaim his word!  The theme song for the conference was “Trading My Sorrows” and as Beth and Abbie Cook played and sang the women joined in and worshiped the Lord in the highest!  How powerful to hear their voices ring out over the village of Roaring Creek.  To God Be The Glory!

Home Safely from Hearts of Christ in Belize

DSCF9074Well…  we didn’t get to blog our last few days at Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry in Roaring Creek Village, Belize.  Not surprising as the telephone and internet goes down frequently in a third world country.  Our last few days were just as wonderful as the first ones.  We visited Buena Vista Village and as many children gathered around us, we gave out salvation bracelets and Bibles.  DSCF9078As we explained each color of the salvation bracelet, the children were watching and listening with all eyes and all ears.  Then, the story of Christ’s birth was shared and we showed them where to find the story in their Bibles.  DSCF8934They were all so excited to mark Luke 2 in their Bibles so they could share the story with their families.  One of the older boys prayed the prayer of salvation with Jill and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior.  We took his Bible and wrote his name and the day of his salvation in it; he was smiling ear to ear.

God blessed us with beautiful days, good health, safe travel and a wonderful mission on the field of Belize with Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry.  Thank you everyone for your prayers, support and blessings!  Carla and Jill

Five Days on Mission in Belize

DSCF9045It is hard to believe we have been here 5 days at Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry; time is flying by.  Today we traveled to many schools in Belmopan, Armenia, St. Matthews, Roaring Creek and CottonTree Villages and delivered Christmas packages to students.  There are about 19 packages left at the mission house and we will deliver them tomorrow; it has been a busy task but we have enjoyed every minute.  HOC LogoAs we handed out Jesus pins in Armenia, students asked what they were for and we had the opportunity once again to tell children about Jesus.  Tomorrow is a holiday in Belize as they celebrate “Garifuna Day”.  This day, November 19th, signifies the arrival of the first Garinagu by dory (dug-out canoe) in 1943.  Tomorrow we will visit Buena Vista Village and have door-to-door outreach; pray for us as we reach out to the lost and hurting of Belize.

Children gather around our car in Armenia Village to get a Jesus pin and a “Smile Jesus Loves You” sticker.


Yes, Ms. Jill has been in the mud again!

I ran into Ms. Joanie at church Sunday and she was carrying her “Lavish” totebag.


Ms. Joanie made the bag two years ago at the very first “Women’s Bible Conference” at Hearts of Christ in Roaring Creek Village; she attended the second conference too.  She was so excited when I told her we were coming back in January 2014 to hold the third conference; “The Beautiful Exchange.”

The women of Belize are the most forgotten and many of them are badly abused; they have been prayed over at these conferences and many of them have continued home Bible studies.  These women that have stepped up to witness to their neighbors and friends will be helping lead the conference in January.  Start praying now; this conference and women’s mission team is building disciples!

Praise the Lord!



Today is The Day! Let Us Rejoice!

100_2639Today we had a wonderful church service at Living Waters Fellowship.  Pastor Frankie Wade, as usual, was preaching a message that hit home.  The church was packed today and the weather was very warm so we had a little bit of a steam room inside.  After church, we visited some of our sponsored children’s homes and distributed Christmas shoeboxes to children we met along the way.


These children were so excited to get a Christmas shoebox that was donated by a Manley Baptist Church member; there were 96 boxes.  We met a very young boy walking along the roadside and we held the Christmas box out the car window and he took it from us; the smile was worth a thousand words.  So little can mean so much to a child living in conditions way below the poverty level.  Thank you and bless you Ms. C for your tremendous heart for the poor!  Keep us in your prayers as we serve with Hearts of Christ on the mission field in Belize.



Day Three on Mission in Belize

100_2617Day Three… Wow!  Over 350 children came to the Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry to receive the Christmas packages their sponsors sent them from the United States!  As each child entered the gates of Hearts of Christ, they were taken into the H.O.P.E. Learning Center (Helping Others Prepare for Eternity) and Jill Whitaker shared the Christmas story with every single one of them!  She told the story from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm; no lunch but we did sneak her some water! Ha!  DSCF8733She was in her element as she described the birth of Jesus and the true meaning of Christmas.  We are already into Day 4 and we are preparing to leave for Living Waters Church and hear the message from Pastor Frankie Wade.  We haven’t missed a beat since we arrived; thank you for praying for us as we serve in Roaring Creek Village.

Blessings,  Carla Jennings


Manley on the Mission Field in Belize, Central America

Jill Whitaker and I will be leaving for Belize early Thursday morning, Nov 14th.  We will be joining 2 more team members; one from Russellville Baptist Church and one from Albertville Baptist Church in Alabama.  Please pray for us as we travel to serve with Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry in Roaring Creek Village.

Our international shipment to Belize just arrived at the mission site today in Roaring Creek and is awaiting our arrival for unpacking, sorting and storing.  The shipment contains all the school supplies and backpacks for the school sponsorship program for August 2014, lots of household items for the H.O.P.E. House (soon to open on Hearts of Christ mission site) home for children and 400 Christmas packages for sponsored children.  Many of these packages came from Manley Baptist Church as 101 children are sponsored by members of Manley.  Praise God for each sponsor, prayer warrior and supporter of Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry!

IMG_0186God has continued to bless the ministry as seeds have been sown, cultivated and harvested over the last 11 years.  Our team will be distributing the Christmas packages to the children as we celebrate the wonderful season of Christ’s birth with each and every one; we will be visiting in many village homes and sharing the good news of the meaning of Christmas and why a Savior was sent by God to die for us on the cross.  We are so excited and ready to go as commanded!   Keep up with us this week as I will post as much as I can about what God is doing in Belize as we go about His business.

Blessings,  Carla Jennings

Hearts of Christ Belize First Day

100_2607Hey Everyone,  we are wrapping up our first work day; actually our second day here in Belize.  It has rained most of the day but we have been inside the Hearts of Christ mission house all day unpacking, sorting, counting, labeling and repacking all the items that came down on the international shipment from Morristown.  We have completed our first task of organizing all the backpacks, paper, pencils, math sets, calculators…  for the school sponsorship program for the next school year.  School supplies are shipped down in advance each year for the upcoming school year.  100_2611We have also packed plastic boxes to be given to children that may come by the mission house with other children that have received a Christmas package from their sponsor.  Alicia and her volunteers already had all the Christmas packages unboxed and sorted by school.  We have given new shoes to our neighboring children; they loved them.  Tomorrow beginning at 9am the children will begin to come to get their Christmas packages from their sponsors.  We will be sharing the Christmas story with these children; over 400 of them!  It has been a great day!  Our flight into Belize was wonderful and everyone is in good health; so many thanks to everyone that is praying for us.

Carla Jennings and Jill Whitaker