Disability Ministry

When Jesus was here and walked among us, he frequently could be found among people who were struggling with various disabilities.  It seems that this is the heart of God! Eight years ago, Manley Church opened its doors and its heart to the disabled community and has never been the same!  We have learned better how to welcome people with many different disabilities and consequently, the Body of Christ has grown and become healthier.  In reading the scripture, it becomes quite evident that God is very attentive to anyone who is needy or has special needs.  He says in Psalm 12:5 “’Because of the oppression of the weak and the groaning of the needy, I will now arise’ says the Lord”.  

We would love for you to visit Manley with your child who has special needs.  To care for them most effectively, it is helpful for us to have an idea what their needs are so we can be prepared for them. Please contact the Disability Ministry Coordinator, Melissa Crabtree, via our Contact Us form (select Disability Ministry) to submit any questions. Or call Wanda Rannow at 423 586 8665, ext 202 and she will put you in touch with Melissa.



Children’s Sunday School Class, 9:30AM

Taught by a Certified Special Education Teacher, this class in rm. 115 includes a Bible lesson in a safe, caring environment catering to the needs of your child.

Extended Session Special Needs Childcare, 10:30 Worship Service

If it is best for your child we will accompany him/her to our kids worship for grades K-4.  If not, they will be cared for in the disability ministry room by experienced workers.

Adult’s Sunday School Class, 9:15AM


This class is designed for teens and adults with cognitive disabilities and meets in rm 503.  We have music, a Bible lesson and some hands on activities. We’re flexible and welcome your loved one with whatever needs they bring.

Disability Ministry Fellowships

We have several fellowships each year with our families.  We’re quite a close knit group now, as in serving each other we’ve become the closest of friends!  But there’s always room for more friends, so please come join us!

LUKE 14 Party – See Official Site Here for specific details for this annual event.

In the passage of Luke 14, Jesus gets very specific about how we, His people, are to have a party.  He tells us that Guest List should be :  “the poor, the crippled, the blind, and the lame.”  He tells us if we do, our house will be full and we will be blessed.  He wasn’t kidding.

In an effort to follow His mandate, Manley Baptist Church has thrown parties for the past 9 years and invited just that list of people. . . anyone struggling with any type of disability – mental or physical – in our area.  Our goal is to have enough volunteers so that every special needs guest can be assigned a “buddy” for the free 3 hour event.  The event has become a “County Fair” and includes farm animals to pet, hay rides, games, crafts, booths, square dancers or cloggers, country music, a cookout, and an inspiring message.

This is an opportunity for our volunteers to “walk a mile in someone else’s shoes” and it has been known to be life-changing.  People have gotten so excited about it that the crowd numbered 850 last year!  This year, other churches and various parts of the community have asked to be involved, including some large corporations.  This event cuts across age lines, color, denomination, and socio-economic lines.  God is doing a great work! The bottom line of the event is FUN!  And what a thrill to get to tell them all that Jesus is the One that invited them!