Hearts of Christ 3rd Annual Women’s Bible Conference

January 1





Debbie Cornwell and Carla Jennings were part of a team of 8 women from 5 churches that held the annual Women’s Bible Conference.  The conference “The Beautiful Exchange” was held at Hearts of Christ Children’s Ministry in Roaring Creek Village, Belize.  Over 120 village women attended the conference each day; some gave their life to Christ; some exchanged their sorrows and pain for the joy of the Lord.  The team also visited many villages and distributed food and flip flops as they prayed with the people of Belize.  This conference was the third one to be hosted at Hearts of Christ and the village women told us they are already praying for the team to come again.  It was another wonderful opportunity to share Christ and proclaim his word!  The theme song for the conference was “Trading My Sorrows” and as Beth and Abbie Cook played and sang the women joined in and worshiped the Lord in the highest!  How powerful to hear their voices ring out over the village of Roaring Creek.  To God Be The Glory!