Today is The Day! Let Us Rejoice!

100_2639Today we had a wonderful church service at Living Waters Fellowship.  Pastor Frankie Wade, as usual, was preaching a message that hit home.  The church was packed today and the weather was very warm so we had a little bit of a steam room inside.  After church, we visited some of our sponsored children’s homes and distributed Christmas shoeboxes to children we met along the way.


These children were so excited to get a Christmas shoebox that was donated by a Manley Baptist Church member; there were 96 boxes.  We met a very young boy walking along the roadside and we held the Christmas box out the car window and he took it from us; the smile was worth a thousand words.  So little can mean so much to a child living in conditions way below the poverty level.  Thank you and bless you Ms. C for your tremendous heart for the poor!  Keep us in your prayers as we serve with Hearts of Christ on the mission field in Belize.