Where Can I Serve?

Part of growing in Christ is serving the local body. There is blessing in serving along side other believers, raising our children to serve others and the relationships that are built through the act of service.

Under his direction the whole body is fitted together perfectly, and each part in its own special way helps the other parts, so that the whole body is healthy and growing and full of love. Eph. 4:16 (LB)

Joe Hall taught, encouraged and challenged us recently about unwrapping the spiritual gift with which we are entrusted. Here are the files from his presentation.

We urge you to get involved in serving others for your own spiritual growth!  Not sure where your spiritual gifts lie? Use this test for some guidance! (There’s a youth test there too!)  We’d love it if you’d email your results to kedwards @ manleybaptist . org.

Here are many of the ways you can be involved in service at Manley. You may also find opportunities to serve in any of our ministries on their individual pages. If we don’t have a ministry in an area in which you are gifted, don’t hesitate to ask if you can get involved!

Baptism Team

  • The Baptism Team assists those who are taking their first step of obedience to Christ by having robes and towels ready. Help them know where to go and when. Serve at whichever morning service you normally attend. Team members are responsible for collecting, washing and returning robes and towels following baptism. An administrative assistant will contact you to serve as needed.
  • Administrative Assistants: Kathy Edwards, Kristy Cornett
  • Staff Advisors: Dwayne Moore, Jeremiah Young

Bereavement Team

  • Volunteer to help provide a dish for the immediate family of a Manley Baptist Church member who has passed away. A Team Captain will contact you to serve as needed.
  • Team Leaders: Lois Pullen, Martha Kaylor & Shirley Shockley
  • Staff Advisor: Tony Buchanan

Benevolence Team “Zacchaeus Ministry”

  • Engaging with individuals experiencing financial need as a means to help bring about spiritual, emotional, and physical wholeness for members of our church and our community.
  • Team Leader: Larry LaPlue
  • Staff Advisor: Dwayne Moore

Celebrate Recovery

  • A support group ministry to help with hurts, hang-ups and habits. Team members will assist in greeting, leading small groups and offering support to those with emotional and spiritual needs. See more on the Celebrate Recovery ministry page.
  • Team Leader: Ron Stansell
  • Staff Advisor: Pastor Tony

Disability Ministry

  • This team meets the needs of children and adults affected by disability in our church. We do this through having special classes and caregiving during regular church times,  assistance in a typical class, respite opportunities, Luke 14 and other activities as the needs arise. Also assist in the planning of Luke 14 each Spring. We will train you, so don’t hesitate to ask about jumping in!
  • Team Leaders: Darlene LaPlue, Melissa Crabtree
  • Staff Advisor: Dwayne Moore

First Impressions

  • To organize the various teams within the First Impressions ministry: Guest Parking Lot Greeter, Golf Cart Drivers, Patio Greeters, Door Greeters, Coffee Counter Volunteers, Information Center Greeters, Worship Ushers, First Time Guest Reception and Grounds/Landscaping.
  • Team Coordinators: Kathy Swann, Mary Wilson & Lois Pullen 
  • Staff Advisor for all First Impression Teams:  Dwayne Moore
  • Parking Lot Greeters
    • To assist guests & members in finding a parking space and to greet visitors as soon as they exit their car and escort them to the doors.
    • Team Leader:  Aaron Woody
  • Golf Cart Drivers
    • To help shuttle individuals to and from the parking lot to the church prior to and following the morning services. 
    • Team Leaders: Don Harbin & Gene Widener
  • Patio Greeters
    • To work outside the main doors helping people out of cars and opening the front doors, also assisting those in need with parking their cars when needed.
    • Team Leader: Bobby Swann
  • Door Greeters          
    • To greet guests/members once they enter the building and throughout the halls of the church. Escort visitors to the information desk to help them select a small group. Members help create an excellent first impression of friendliness and warmth. (Youth are encouraged to help) Team LeaderLois Pullen     
  • Information Center Greeters                        
    • To collect registration information from guests and help them find a small group. Answer any questions visitors might have about small groups or services.
    • Team LeaderAbbi Whaley
  • Coffee Counter Volunteers             
    • To serve coffee, beverages and cookies to guests and members and create a warm & welcoming area to fellowship prior to small group and worship services.
    • Team Leaders- Steve & Donna Travis
  • First Time Guest Reception  
    • (host/hostesses) To greet guests, introduce them to the pastor & his wife, give them a small gift bag, and answer any questions about Manley Baptist Church.
    • Team Leader: Leanne Andrews 
  • Worship Center Ushers
    • To maintain a worshipful atmosphere during services by serving members before and after the 10:30 AM service including greeting, seating, distributing bulletins, tabulation of attendance, and receiving of offerings.
    • Team Leader: Glenn Owens
  • Grounds/Landscaping
    • This team helps create a pleasing first impression for guests as they enter our church by maintaining the flowerbeds and shrubs.
    • Team Leader: (vacant)
  • Medical Assistance
    • To assist Manley Baptist Church members and guests with medical emergencies while on campus. Team members are selected after being interviewed by the team captain. (A personal screening and background check will be required for all team members.)
    • Team Leader: Debra Salansky 
  • Security Team         
    • To provide Manley Baptist Church members and guests with a safe environment while on campus on Sundays and other church-wide events. Team members are selected after being interviewed by the team captain.  (A personal screening and background check will be required for all team members.)
    • Team Leader: Wayne Nichols

First Touch

  • The First Touch Team ministers to families when they are expecting a baby through adoption or pregnancy and to introduce them to the preschool ministry so that they and their children may become fully developing followers of Jesus Christ.
  • Team Leader: Donna Knight
  • Staff Advisor: Donna Knight

Food Service

  • You can assist in providing an inexpensive meal to families on Wednesday evenings so they will be able to attend Life Classes and other activities. Tasks include helping with decorations, wrapping silverware, serving food, loading dishwasher, putting clean dishes away and wiping down tables.
  • Team Leader: Ginger Cole
  • Staff Advisor: Dwayne Moore

Home Repair

  • This team ministers to single mothers and widows by helping with minor home repairs in the areas of electrical, carpentry, plumbing and painting. A team leader will contact you to serve as needed.
  • Team Leader: Wilson Hain & Rusty Connelly
  • Staff Advisor: Dwayne Moore

Intercessory Prayer/Prayer Room

  • The Prayer Team plays the important role of interceding on behalf of our world, our nation, national leaders, our church leadership, our community, the lost, hurting and sick within our church family. It is a privilege to intercede to God on the behalf of persons with special needs by coming to the prayer room and spend one hour each week in prayer. Time may also be used to write prayer cards to be mailed to those lifted up in prayer.
  • Team Leader: Cheryl Schopmeyer
  • Administrative Assistant: Kristy Cornett
  • Staff Advisor: Pastor Tony

Kids Worship

  • To assist children ages five through eleven have a meaningful worship experience in an environment best suited for young children.
  • Team Leaders: Donna Knight
  • Staff Advisor: Dwayne Moore

M3 Media

  • We are looking for people to join our team of believers who work as a team, understand their purpose, and give their time and knowledge to making our worship experiences dynamic. From the digital soundboard to our IMAG, video, and duplication ministries, there is always a need for interested people to train and grow with this incredible group.
  • Team Leader: Adam Chambers
  • Staff Advisor: Michael Turner

Manley on Mission

  • To investigate and discover mission opportunities in the Lakeway area, State of Tennessee, North America and Internationally. To plan, organize and lead mission trips and projects to address the needs discovered. See our Missions page for specific ways in which we serve those in our area and abroad.
  • Team Leader: Richard Hewitt
  • Staff Advisor: Dwayne Moore

Mobile Care

  • The Home Bound/Nursing Home ministry serves on behalf of those members and extended family members of Manley who are on homebound or nursing home care. It is the desire of our church to minister to both individual and families of those in area assisted living and nursing home facilities. It is also our desire to keep our shut-in members, including the sick, connected with our church when they are unable to attend events or worship services.
  • Team Leader: Tim Balough
  • Staff Advisor: Dwayne Moore

Nursery/Extended Session

  • This critical team ministers to families with children birth through four years old by providing an atmosphere of love and Biblical instruction during the morning worship services. Volunteers typically serve once a month to once a quarter.
  • Team Leader: Donna Knight
  • Staff Advisor: Dwayne Moore

Pastor’s Prayer Partners

  • This team intercedes to God on the behalf of our pastor, his family and special concerns that are on his heart. Participants will be assigned one day each month on which to pray and will periodically receive a prayer gram prepared by our pastor with specific concerns. He will pray for his prayer partners on the day they are praying for him.
  • Administrative Assistant: Kristy Cornett
  • Staff Advisor: Tony Buchanan

Student Ministry

  • This is a team made up of students to serve students! All students that are interested in volunteering in our ministry as a Café helper, a media assistant, praise band musician, special events set-up or clean-up helper or any other area are welcome to join us.
  • Staff Advisor: Jeremiah Young

Worship Ministry

  • Praise Teams, Worship Choir, Kid’s Choir, Praise Band, Praise Team and Campus Decorations. There are plenty of places to plug in to help lead our church in worship of Almighty God. No matter what age, if you have a heart for worship we have a place for you! See the Worship Ministry page for more information about many of our opportunities.
  • Team Leader: Kevin Jackson
  • Staff Advisor: Michael Turner